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  • Winterization
  • Connecting multiple Barrels
  • Gutter Filter

Empty out barrel and leave spigot open over winter months. Remove flex gutter adopter from barrel and connect directly to lower gutter after removing overflow hose. Cover rectangular gutter opening (Duct tape works well)

When connecting multiple barrels we recommending connecting the barrels as shown below.

Rain barrels connected together

Connect barrels from the spigots (use garden Y connectors) This way you don’t have to connect your hose from one barrel to another for continuous watering. This will also prevent the water from becoming stagnate in the secondary barrel. Keep both valves open along with the one leg of the Y-connector. The water level will automatically equalize in both barrels. As a secondary connection you can connect the overflow from barrel 1 to barrel 2 if required.

Our "Complete Rain Barrel" comes with a gutter filter sock. This durable filter captures all the debris that comes down your gutter and prevents it from contaminating and clogging your rain barrel. The filter is made of washable nylon mesh. Simple pull out the gutter adapter from the barrel top slide our the filter sock, empty the debris and wash with water and mild soap. *Filter should be checked weekly during spring when there is a lot of pollen/leaves on the roof/gutters* To purchase additional gutter filter socks please click on products.

gutter filter

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